Game Consoles

Coleco NEC Nintendo Sega Sony Microsoft The Minis

One night, my Dad bought home a Black & White TV game console. I have fairly vague memories of it but I believe it was made by either Tempest or Hanimex. It included 2 controllers and 2 plastic toy guns to shoot boxes or whatever.

It came with a few packed-in games – most of which were variations on the popular Pong game by Atari and some shooting games which made use of the fore-mentioned toy guns.

It wasn’t until around 1982 or 1983 until I got my first real game console… The ColecoVision.


In this section on Kaden Garden, we will get into the game consoles that I had in our youth and those we currently possess.

I will also cover the modernized “miniaturized” versions of some of these consoles which I have bought.

Please enjoy!