Ah the arcades.
Where many memories were made and lots of were “lost”.

I recall playing Space Invaders at our local roller skating rink, along with such games like Pacman,  Phoenix, Galaxian Pleiades, Frogger and Scramble. This was the late 1970’s-early ’80’s and I was still in primary (elementary) school and my chosen school sport was roller skating.

Every Friday afternoon, filling the last 2 or 3 classes we would all head off to the local roller skating rink which was very close to our school with our teacher. It was always really alive and kicking – and noisy!
Great music of era with the noise of all the kids from our school and others. The noise would always drain out the arcade games we would be playing – and speaking of which, we were not specifically permitted to play but somehow got away with it – most of the time.

The following pages document some of these wonderful coin-ops which gobbled up the coins of many people.

Just like Pacman.